Rice from Around the World

I am a rice lover and trying all these recipes were so much fun. Some of these rice recipes exclude any type of protein and some have some included. I changed things up a little. Being a flexitarian I regularly change recipes into vegan recipes or change vegan recipes into meat or fish recipes. It usually depends on the day of the week honestly. Enjoy trying some of these amazing rice dishes for dinner.

overhead view of hibachi rice in large bowl with forks, sauce, napkin, and plates
By Simply Lakita
By Michael D. Abayateye
Mexican Rice and Beans
By Afzal Najam
By Swasthi
Easy shrimp fried rice recipe - Ready in less than 15 minutes and with delicately sweet, savory and briny flavors. This beats takeout any day! Simple, Healthy | pickledplum.com
By Caroline Phelps
Close up of Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice) in a skillet, fresh off the stove ready to be served
By Nagi
By Foodiegraphy Kenya
By Jonathan Melendez
By Sharyn Cairns
Colombian style dish served with grilled chicken
By Adriana
puerto rican rice served in alarge cast iron skillet with nacho chips and guacamole
By Madhavi
Curried Rice made with Basmati Rice in a white bowl being served
By Nagi
This Beef Rice Pilaf is the best I've tried. This recipe makes a big batch which is great since it reheats really well. Step-by-step photo instructions.
By Natasha Kravchuk

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